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Karli K

My hair was dull, dry-feeling and poofy for a couple of years. I think city water and conventional products were building up layers on my hair strands. When I got my FastStart rep pack, of course the shampoo and conditioner were in it, but after trying many other "natural" brands, I honestly wasn't going to bother trying them! The natural ones were worse than the conventional ones for my fine, tangly hair. But I wanted it for my toddler. Once I saw how soft, shiny and curls were defined in his hair, I decided to try it! And I will never go back to anything else. I have never experienced the detox, my hair is now the way it was when I was young and I am loving it--soft, shiny, silky, lays flat, waves are defined and it just looks amazing. Thanks to Miessence and Narelle for these products!